01 02-2019

Vacuum Pump Unit Service Intervals

Author: Caner Karataş

Vacuum pump units, which have been using in Panel pressed insulated glass unit production, periodiaclly must be serviced in order to more efficiency and longer operating time. 

Before every maintenance operation:

  • Ensure the pump insulation from the electric energy so that the pump cannot start automatically.
  • Make sure that the pump has not reached at a dangerous temperature.
  • Introduce air in the sucktion circuit.

In the table below all the periodical operations are stated in order to keep the pump at its optimum performance.

More frequent service operations maybe necessary, depending on the type of use (suction of condensable vapours, suction of powders or polluting substances)

In these cases it is essential to get in touch with our techical service and find out the correct maintenance frequency.

The exhausted oil and the replaced spare parts must be considered as special waste products and handled according to the regulations in force in the country of use.

Service Frequency Description of The Operation Authorized Personnel
24 hours / every day

Check oil level before starting.


100 hours / every week
  • Clean the inlet filter with compressed air, replace if necessary.
  • Clean the cooling fans and electric motor with compressed air.
500 hours / every 6 months
  • Replace the lubricating oil.
  • Install a manometer to the oil tank, if the inner pressure is over 0,5 bar replace the exhaust filter elements
  • Clean the inlet mesh filter with compressed air 

Qualified technician

1000 hours / every year
  • Replace the exhaust filters 
  • Check coupling elastic element and replace if necessary 
  • Check the electrical connections 
Qualified technician
30000 hours / every 5 years

Pump overhaul 

Technical Service