31 03-2019

How to Reduce Glass Breakage in the Heating Section during Glass Tempering?

Author: Caner Karataş

There are two main reasons for glass breakage in the heating section:

– Poor edge work

– The heating is too strong in the beginning of the heating section

The first thing to do is to make sure the edge work quality is good. This is very important from many perspectives. The quality of the edge work has a clear impact on glass breakage in the furnace. It also significantly reduces the risk of glass breakage in the quench. In other words, it has a dramatic impact on your tempering line yield.

The second thing is to make sure you don’t create too strong of a heat shock to the glass. This happens easily with thicker glasses (8 mm and above). You can limit the heating power in the beginning of the heating cycle, and/or you can just drop the temperatures down to make sure you don’t create such a strong heat shock.